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This beer, Stone Exalted IPA, is presented in our humble service to that noble end!” Back on solid ground, he added, “Our brewing team really knows a thing or two about their hops. Stone Exalted IPA is an exemplary display of their ability to create entirely new flavor profiles with the careful execution of hop blending. I certainly find myself on higher ground thanks to their incredible work.”

Stone Exalted IPA Now Available

The divine qualities of Loral & Citra hops give this beer beautiful aromas of fresh citrus, elegant floral notes and mild grain and wheat characteristics. Lemon and lime flavors are accented by Thai basil andContinue reading

Let me out

Nip bottles? What’s a nip bottle? Six fliud ounces, a third of a pint, what? Stupid. Nothing in there. What kind of size is that? Wouldn’t even fill a glass. Beer probably wouldn’t be thatContinue reading