5 Tips for Pairing Tapas & Craft Beer – CocoVail Beer Hall Barcelona

Source: 5 Tips for Pairing Tapas & Craft Beer – CocoVail Beer Hall Barcelona

When we talk about tapas and craft beer there’s one common thing that comes to my mind: a product that is hand-crafted by a passionate human being. While tapas, the famous Spanish-style snack shared among friends, exist in many forms and variations (depending on the part of Spain we are looking at), they are now a worldwide, healthy staple.

On the other hand, craft beer is the new trend among foodies all over the world. Plenty of small producers pop up in every major and minor city throughout the world. In this piece we’ll depict the essential tips to pair both. Before we begin, let’s start with insights about what are tapas, and what is craft beer.

What are Tapas?

Tapas are much more than a dish or option for a meal. Tapas are more of a concept that originates in Spain, and many locals consider them as a way of socializing with friends through small size dishes that are shared. It is quite common to go out in Spain with friends and ask for a bunch of tapas for all diners to be shared together.

Tapas include practically anything―from an assortment of olives, bread with tomato, and sautéed squids, to a gourmet of slow-cooked beef cheek served over a sweet potato puree or a raw fish salad. Each of them has an origin in different parts of Spain. Cafes and restaurants serve tapas on a daily basis.

Tapas are the way to keep yourself full when jumping from bar to bar.

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