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Beer styles lay a foundation for understanding a particular beer. The historical beer styles outlined in The World Guide to Beer by Michael Jackson and The Essentials of Beer Style by Fred Eckhardt are incredibly important works. Their research categorized beer based on regional styles and techniques from Europe, in addition to early American craft beer styles. Each style represents centuries of refinement based on mineral content in water and experimentation with ingredients.

Imagine your city is abuzz about the newest restaurant in town: Julio Wasabi McMurphy’s Americana Emporium of Fine Dining. All the food bloggers give the menu two cyber thumbs up, while Derelict mag says it’s sophisticated place for co-eds to co-mingle.

You’re ready for an amazing glutinous experience, but when the menu arrives, it’s full of haughty culinary language and superfluous adjectives: “Enjoy eating greatness? Then this super complex, one of a kind delicacy will indulge your deepest gustatory cravings.” Aside from feeling like you’ve just read a smutty romance novel, you’re a bit confused.

What is the cultural background of this entrée—Greek? Thai? Cuban?

What are the key flavors of this appetizer—salty? Sweet? Sour? Savory?

The fish of the day is wild Arctic grayling—what in the world does that taste like?

Befuddled, you sample a few things and leave in a hissy fit, trying to decide between a McRib and chicken rings on the way home.


Source: Beer Styles: They Matter & Why They Don’t |

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