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As another Year of Beer closes, we like to start the new year reflecting on all the good brews and good times we’ve enjoyed in 2017. We also look forward to all the planned and unexpected fun times that await us in 2018. It’s a time of reminiscing and goal creating.

We like to start the new year reflecting on all the good beers and good times we’ve enjoyed in 2017. It’s all about living the Brew Life! And, here’s your insider look.

For us, our beer explorations and celebrations are all about the experience surrounding them.

It’s not just about the liquid in the glass, can or bottle. It’s about the people with whom we’re spending the moment. It’s about the place we’re at – the music playing, the movie airing, the games being played, the whatever it is we’re doing. It’s about the food we’re pairing with the beer whether it be a fancy schmancy, 4-course dinner or simply the latest, limited edition flavor of LAY’S potato chips we just tore into for a late night snack.

Many of our beery moments are shared with the world on Instagram. It’s a quick look into the things that intrigue us on an almost daily basis. Want to SEE what we’re drinking? That’s pretty much the place to do it. While we do in depth beer reviews from time to time on this website, we really like to share our ‘in the moment’ tasting experiences by snapping a quick pic and doing a 30 second review of sorts on Instagram. And, we love checking in and seeing what you all are posting as well! Derek and I are very #BeerCurious.

We also share our #LabelLoves (cool beer label and can designs), Derek’s pro-brewing and homebrewing things, our #beercats Jasmine, Bella and little kitten Max working the camera with our latest beer scores, us going on brewery day trips, hitting up beer releases, going to beer festivals and other brew-related shenanigans.

2017 Beercations

Derek and I sure love our beercations. In fact, we dedicated an entire section of our website to showcase our journeys and our recommendations so you can customize your own beer trip. In 2017, we visited 4 different states to taste what’s been brewing.

Massachusetts Beercation


“But you go to Massachusetts All. The. Time!” Yeah. We do. We have family in northern MA that we visit on the regular. Each time we try to hit new breweries, restaurants, pubs, and such. Of course, we do a quick swing by our favs. Our trip we took this past spring turned out to be more than we bargained for. Instead of spending the planned 5 day, long weekend, Derek’s gall bladder decided to take a nose dive and he had to be admitted for emergency surgery. There were some complications. His recovery time would take awhile. Needless to say, our short trip turned into a 17 day stay while we waited for Derek to get the green light from the Docs to make the 7.5 hour drive home. Our friends joked that it was our “Gall Bladder Beer Tour.”

The upside? We we’re staying at my Mom’s place. I loved being able to spend more time with her. And, I got to explore more breweries than I had initially planned. Also hit a few bottle shops. Picking up as many bottles and cans as possible so Derek could enjoy the fruits of our trip after he made a full recovery. He also may have snuck of few quick sips before that. (wink)

You can read MA beercation recommendations plus follow the links to more in depth brewery reviews for Trillium, Tree House, Jack’s Abbey, Aeronaut, Exhibit A and more.

Source: #BeerCurious in 2017: A Year in Review – ItsABrewLife.com

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