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Craft Beer Bars Barcelona
Craft Beer Bars Barcelona

It’s taken me some serious slurping hours and countless blurry mornings, but here is my essential guide to the best craft beer bars Barcelona.

The craft beer scene is booming here in the Catalan capital, with local breweries and brewpubs popping up all over the place. Whether you have a taste for dark stouts and hoppy IPAs or prefer lighter, more quaffable session ales, you’ll find it in abundance in Barcelona’s craft beer bars. So, amigo, salut and bottoms up!

By your intoxicated Barcelona reporter, Ben Holbrook

UPDATED 28/02/17: A ton of amazing new bars have opened up since I originally wrote this post (and sadly some have closed), so I’ve added more of my favourites and will continue to do so as I discover more!

** Listed in no particular order **

1. Garage Beer Co. ~ Eixample’s Exemplary Brewpub

Probably my favourite brewpub in Barcelona (so far), Garage Beer Co. is the real deal. Jet-black walls, vintage furniture and lots of rough-sanded wood create a chic yet urban space. And, with the giant stainless steel beer brewing equipment on show out back, you can’t help but feel connected to the beer that you’re drinking. With only 8 or so taps, there’s not a huge selection of beers, but what’s on offer is always excellent and well considered. The owners are most hospitable, too, as you can see from my photo.

What to drink: Try their home-brewed Riba beer, which is a refreshing English-style pale ale that you can drink all day, all night. Which, of course, is exactly what I recommend doing.

Address: Garage Beer Co, Carrer del Consell de Cent, 261, 08011
Nearest Metro: 
Universistat (Red or Purple Line)

Source: Best Craft Beer Bars in Barcelona | An Inside Guide – Driftwood Journals

Craft Beer Bars Barcelona

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