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AB InBev has announced that they are done acquiring craft breweries. Instead they are focusing on the brands they own as well as creating new ones.

Another year is coming to an end. While it is bittersweet to look back at the past year, it can be a lot of fun to look forward at the coming year. So just like I did last year, I’m going to make some Craft Beer Predictions for 2018.

Let’s start off by quickly reviewing my predictions from last year. Let’s just say I didn’t do that great.

Mainstream – I predicted that craft beer would take a giant leap in relevance to the average person. And while most are aware of craft beer, I don’t think we’ve hit the tipping point quite yet. I feel that the general public see craft beer as a fad or hobby. We’ve got some more work to do here.

Neighborhood Brewery – In Cincinnati, I believe that the future of neighborhood breweries is strong. And when I talk to those in other areas, they tell me the same. While many breweries will strive to grow into regional breweries, many realize that winning in their neighborhood is most important and can sustain them into the future.

Beer Styles / Flavors – I predicted that New Engalnd IPAs would continue to be the trendiest beer style and that couldn’t be more true. But I also said that we would see barrel-aged beers from spirits other than bourbon (rum, tequilla) and that Mexican Cake and Coconut variants would increase. I think I missed the mark on those.


Listermann Brewing Brass Monkey


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So what about 2018? Let’s take a look at what the following year may bring to craft beer…




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