Everything We Wrote in January 2018

We managed a slightly slim 17 posts last month what with the lingering effects of the Christmas break and a cheeky holiday towards the end. Still, there were a few good ‘uns you might have missed in the January fog.

We kicked the month off, as usual, with a contribution to the Session. January’s edition was a bit weird because there was no host until the last minute when co-founder Jay Brooks stepped in to ask ‘Three Questions’. His round-up of all the responses is here.

We went to Cardiff which prompted Keith Flett to ask us a question: “Why Drink Brains?” We answered.

A relic from the pre-CAMRA era of beer appreciation arrived in our actual snail-mail postbox: a pub crawl schedule from Cup Final day, 1967.

Some pubs are famous for doing one beer really well — Bass, Landlord, usually one of the classics. People suggested examples in the comments and a good discussion was had all round. (This one got lots of attention, as the throwaways often do.)

We were sadly unimpressed by Boundary Brewing, Northern Ireland’s co-op outfit; commenters seem to broadly agree with our judgement, even as they yearn for the brewery to do well.

Reader Robin Oldfield urged us to watch a 1979 documentary about caving in Yorkshire. It didn’t sound promising but, oh, how we’re glad we gave it a go. (Feedback since suggests that actually was a pretty typical night in that particular pub, contrary to our assumption.)

We got a bit flowery reviewing beers from Northern Monk and Wylam as part of our ongoing Patreon’s Choice feature.

Maybe our favourite post of the month was this piece on the beer-selling boatmen of old London town. Go to snigger at the word ‘bum-boat’, stay for the social history.

Our local had Bass on but the landlord wasn’t sure how to describe its origins which made us ask, Where is Bass From? Stan Hieronymus had some thoughts and we Tweeted this as a follow-up:

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